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Tinned Candle

Tinned Fish Candle - Pulpo in Tomato Sauce

Tinned Fish Candle - Pulpo in Tomato Sauce

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Handmade and hand poured tinned fish candle by an Atlanta, Georgia illustrator/artist. 

Scent: Pulpo in Tomato Sauce

Packaging: Illustrated tin with illustrated paper wrap

Material: Soy wax and fragrance oil

Origin: Atlanta, Georgia, US

Size: 5 oz

Introducing the latest addition to the Original Tinned Fish Candle line - "I Like It When You Call Me Big Pulpo." This extraordinary candle is a true masterpiece, combining the essence of the ocean with the warmth of a cozy, candlelit atmosphere. Captivating Design: Encased in a charming tinned fish container, "I Like It When You Call Me Big Pulpo" features two intricately crafted octopus shapes. This stunning centerpiece is not only a visual delight but also a symbol of the ocean's mystique and the beauty it holds within. Aroma of Tomato Leaf: As you light this candle, you'll be transported to a Mediterranean coastal garden with its alluring fragrance of ripe tomato leaves. The scent is refreshingly green, earthy, and slightly fruity, evoking memories of summer afternoons spent in the garden. Long-Lasting Burn: Our candles are carefully crafted with premium soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick to ensure a clean, even burn that lasts for hours on end.

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