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Vintage Bubble Bead Glass

Vintage Bubble Bead Glass

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Color: Clear

Style: Beaded

Material: Glass

Year: Mid-century

Origin: USA

Condition: Excellent


1 Juice 3.1''W x 5.5''H

2 Coupe 3.6''W x 3.5''H

3 Liquor 2.6''W x 4.5‘’H

4 Small Wine 3''W x 5.5''H

5 Flute 2''W x 9''H

6 Candle Holder 4.1''W x 7.8''H

7 Jewelry Box 5.25''W x 4.5''D x 2.25''H

Please Note:

*Vintage items are unique because they travel through decades. Even though all pieces are hand-picked, carefully examined and cleaned, they aren't brand new as new merchandise. 

*Hand-wash always recommended to prevent cloudiness and scratches.

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