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Pastel Yellow Ribbon Vase

Pastel Yellow Ribbon Vase

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Uranium glass has a very special shining color, and it glows under uv light, which can't be found in modern tableware. It was once popular in the 1930s, but was no longer manufactured.

During 1940s-1950s, since uranium was used to make the atomic bomb, the military restrictions, the fear of radiation, the health issue of glass workers, and also uranium shortage all together led uranium glass to an end. However, it is safe to use, the uranium in most glass is only 0.5%, so the radiation level is less than a microwave‘s. (Source: Glass Encyclopedia; the Glass Museum)


Color: Yellow

Material: Uranium glass (glow under uv light)

Year: Mid-century

Origin: USA

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 4.5''W x 5.5''H


*Vintage items are unique because they travel through decades. Even though all pieces are hand-picked, carefully examined and cleaned, they aren't brand new as new merchandise. 

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